Robot Revolution (2015)

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    IMDB:Robot Revolution 2015
    [Format]����..[ DVDrip
    [Genre]�����[ Sci-Fi
    [Cast]�����.[ Virginia Logan, Mary Murphy, Matthew Trumbull, Don Arrup
    [Writer]:����.[ Steven J. Niles
    [Director]:���..[ Andrew Bellware
    [Duration]����[ 85 min
    [Search Subtitles]�.[
    [iMDB Rating]���[ 3.5



    In a not-too-distant future where every aspect of society is controlled by machines, terrorism has forced the state to institute martial law. While performing a routine check in a high-rise apartment, a well-armed police officer and her android partner discover that something is causing the buildings� residents to �malfunction,� forcing them to fight their way out. However, as they investigate the malfunction further, they uncover a secret that the government would do anything to cover up.

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